It's all about you

from your place to and

from the airport and back again

  • We have plenty of seats
  • We have space for all your luggage and oversized items
  • We're at every major airport throughout NZ, for every flight, every day, 24/7

sharing is great

share ride means we'll

make 2-3 stops along the way

  • The stops will be "on the way" so this only adds a little time your trip
  • We can make up lots of time using the bus lanes
  • Sharing the ride is good for our environment

we have room for everything

whether you're a family on your

travel or a group off skiing or mountain

biking we have room for it all

  • Our trailers have space for oversized luggage, skis, mountain bikes and other gear
  • We also have a roof rack for things like surfboards, windsurfers and even canoes!


we work?

what about a shuttle all to yourself

if there are a few of you why not book

an exclusive shuttle all to yourself

  • Where you want - when you want

and the savings are fantastic

because you're sharing

with others you'll save heaps

  • Travel for about half the price of taxi
  • We give you a fixed price when you book so you have certainty
  • No more worrying about the costs of rush hour journeys

Want to avoid Auckland's traffic?

Our low, fixed price, reliable transfers are door to door and quick - we use the bus lanes.


CBD / Auckland Airport

* for 2 people

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To/from your door to the airport — at 12 airports throughout NZ, every flight, every day 24/7.

Up to half the price of a taxi and with a fixed price. Value and certainty.

On time, every time. Get to and from the airport stress-free.

Auckland International Airport

Auckland International Airport is the gateway for many tourists to New Zealand. It is also a major airline hub with many international destinations for further travel, as well as local ones (via the Domestic terminal).