Better for your wallet and the planet

Be a smart traveller and leave your car at home


Sharing the ride means we’ll make 2-3 stops along the way. The stops will be “on the way” so this only adds a little time to your trip. Sharing the ride is not only good for your pocket, it’s good for our environment. For groups of up to seven people.


Have a van and trailer all to yourself. Great for groups, teams and a good option for families that want space for themselves and their luggage.


For people traveling together but wanting pickups from different locations, multi stop provides an efficient option. The pickups need to be “on the way” but the savings are excellent.


Super Shuttle provides great savings for businesses and encourages colleagues to travel together. We provide group rates, convenient charge back facilities and tailor our offer to your business travel needs.


Oversized luggage

Our utility trailer makes it easy for us to carry all your oversized luggage. For just $10 per item we’ll take your bikes, surfboards, skis, snowboards or any other large luggage items. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

Exclusive Ride

With up to 11 seats you can book a shuttle for your family or group exclusively. You can also charter our Super Shuttle vehicles for exclusive sightseeing, local touring or extended touring nationally.

Cross Town / Cross country

If you have a group or large luggage items that need to move across the city, our Cross Town service could be perfect. Our vans are great for field trips, sports teams, wine trail or any groups needing to get from one place to another (and back again). Our Cross Country option will take you out of town and is especially good for those out of the way locations.

Pet shuttle

We are happy to carry your pet. If you would like your pet to travel in the vehicle with you, you can charter the vehicle exclusively. Alternatively your pet can travel in its cage in our spacious luggage trailer for the shared ride price.

Meet & greet

Feel a bit lost in a new airport? We can meet you in the airport arrival or baggage claim area. Please view our printable airport arrivals maps on our Airport Information page.

Travel with friends

Save on cost by chartering a shuttle together with your friends and requesting pick ups at each of your addresses. For an additional $15 fee for each stop, you and your friends travel exclusively to the airport in style.

Wake-up call

If you struggle to wake up in the morning, we’ll ring to help you wake up! If you book and prepay online or through our reservations centre, for just $2.00 we’ll call to wake you up in time.